Home Rebuilds

Your home should reflect your lifestyle as well as your personal style.

Sometimes the location is great, the land is perfect, but the home itself is not fitting your needs.

As a trusted home builder and construction company in New Jersey for over forty years, Barrister can help you turn a good situation into a great one. At Barrister, we’ve been building custom homes and remodels for decades, and we like to look at the process holistically. This means we don’t limit our scope to the wood that goes into the beams or cement that we pour for the foundation, but we look at all aspects of the property, from the landscaping to the paint to the roof, and one of the most important aspects that sometimes goes overlooked by builders is interior design. But not us. In this article in our “Homeowner Resources” blog, in fact, we take a deep dive into how and why interior design matters in a house remodel.

We understand that tear downs and rebuilds in New Jersey are complicated, but Barrister can make the process easy and seamless. We will help you from beginning of designing the perfect house to the day you move in.

And because we are so confident in our work, we offer a full three-year warranty in addition to the New Jersey-mandated limited 10-year Residential Homeowners Warranty.

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