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Improving your house requires much more than a fresh coat of paint.

Maybe you love your house but it’s time to make refresh it, or maybe you’ve just moved in to a great home, but there are a few things that need fixing—Barrister is here to help with your custom home remodeling.

When you work with Barrister, you get much more than a home remodeling and renovation company—you get a partner. We work with you to help shape your house into the home of your dreams, and we know a home remodel takes time, dedication, and quality. From the facade to the porch, we take pride in our job and stand behind our work.

We don’t use cheap materials, and we don’t rush the home renovation job to get it done and move on to the next customer. That’s why we have scored high marks in home improvement and house extensions with folks in New Jersey for decades. We have families who have come back to Barrister time and again for their home building and remodeling needs.

After having been in the custom home building business for 40+ years, we at Barrister have seen fads come and go: from track lighting and velvet wallpaper to avocado green mixers and beaded curtains. But one trend we’ve seen in recent years that we think is never going away is the application of smart technology to the home. So-called “smart” appliances have made life more convenient and easier for tons of homeowners in New Jersey, and for the most part, we love putting in as many smart devices as possible in any home we renovate (as well as new custom homes we build, of course). Read more about smart technology in our “Homeowner Resources” blog article here.

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    Not quite sure about your house remodel?

    Adding an extension to your house, a second floor, or doing an interior or exterior renovation is a huge undertaking. We understand that there are a lot of Bergen County home renovation companies out there, and the process of hiring a home improvement contractor can be daunting. Check out our article about what you need to know when picking a remodeling contractor in our house remodel blog here, or learn more about our home renovation company here. We’ve been adding second stories and renovation interiors and exteriors for decades, and we have the experience and know-how to make your dream home a reality.

    Home improvement in New Jersey can be complicated, but picking Barrister Home Construction as your new home remodeling contractor won’t be. Contact us today to see how easy adding a second floor to your home can be.